1 July 2010


We are very grateful for this journey. Thank you for following us on this blog and joining us in our journey to holy places, the natural and supernatural all over Scotland. . The blog will be updated with more details about the places and events we were allowed to visit. So please come once in a time and have a look again.
Sincerely yours, your Dutch Travelteam

30 June 2010

Going home, by the sea

The sea was our beloved companion during our long travel through Scotland. She was very friendly, offered never a storm or big swells, and many boat- and ferry tours had to be made to reach all these remote places and islands. Thank you, element water!
Finally we left by the sea, with a DFDS ferry again, which brought us safely home from Newcastle, UK to Ijmuiden, The Netherlands.
The last lighthouse for this journey, quite different from the others:

Lighthouse at Newcastle Harbor, Shielding Royal Quays

Our “Bolletje” in the womb of the ferry “King of Kobenhavn”

29 June 2010

Stone Stories

In the end, we got them! Beautiful and inspiring encounters with “Stone Guys”, people who are in love with the hidden secrets of the mystic old stones. They shared their knowledge with us and we could take fascinating audio recordings of their stories.
For instance, at Whithorn, we learned a lot about this stone:

And at Cairnholy, we just had this “FLOW” experience. We were at the right place at the right time and met the right people. More about that soon here on this blog. Look at the stone in the middle and the shadows – very fascinating that is. How can it be that we just hit THE moment when the important middle stone is in just in the middle of the two shadows?

Cairnholy Chambered Cairn, Scotland

27 June 2010

In the pilgrim’s footsteps

Glenluce Abbey translates as: Abbey in the Valley of Light

Come here and experience the atmosphere!

Stones seem to praise creation at Glenluce Abbey, Scotland

Join other pilgrims through the times at Whithorn pilgrims way....

...leading to fascinating and inspiring places as these:

Atmosphere close to St Ninians Cave

26 June 2010

DROUGHT - means shortage of water!

Unheard of before: drought in Scotland. Meanwhile we’ve reached Dumfries & Galloway and everybody here is anxiously waiting for rain. For 46 years it hasn't been so dry as now. For seven weeks now, people on the west coast of Scotland are desperately waiting for substantial amounts of rain!

The drought comes in handy for the subtropical plants at Logan Botanic Garden:

Palm Trees in Logan Botanic Garden

Less handy for the impressive plant collection at Castle Kennedy Gardens:

Walled Garden at Castle Kennedy Gardens, Scotland

Waterhose construction at Castle Kenendy Gardens, pumping water from the loch up into the gardens

21 June 2010

Scotland’s Sea Kingdom at Summer Solstice

Back from the North Sea to the Atlantic ocean again. During the next days we discover Argyll’s Atlantic Islands, especially Mull, Staffa and the holy island of Iona.

Atlantic islands of Argyll

The vehicle of choice is the ferry, operated by CalMac, Caledonian Mac Brayne

Caledonian Mac Brayne Ferry in Oban Harbor

Summer Solstice: It doesn’t get dark up here. Taken at 23.36 GMT (Greenwich Main Time) in Oban, Gallanach Campsite. What a place! In the foreground you can see our little caravan. In the background the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the hills of the Isle of Mull. You can smell the fresh air from the sea. And you can hear: nothing. Nothing at all. Total silence. No wind breeze, no seagulls, no people talking, no cars – as if the universe holds its breath. Here and now.

Summer solstice atmosphere at Gallanach Campsite, Oban

19 June 2010

If you can dream it you can do it!

…..even if it takes a little bit longer. Since 25 years I dreamt to go to Findhorn! Today we were here, finally. We learnt about many things and have been inspired.
Something we already knew: All good things and projects start in a caravan:

Original Caravan, where the Findhorn story began. Today it is still in use for S&PD (Spiritual & Personal Development). A bit the same what we are doing in our little caravan called Bolletje

The Sanctuary in Findhorn is the heart of everything which happens in the community. It was a great honor to take in these vibrations!

And while you read this, be for today aware of a Findhorn-Motto: Work is love in action!